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Decorating your first condo: 9 styles to choose from

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Well, you've done it! The ink has dried and you've made it through all the hoops: attorney review, home inspection, locked in a rate with the lender, finished the home appraisal, and all the other things and you are now a home owner. You get to pay property taxes now. And decorate!

Maybe you have to buy all new stuff. Maybe you have a few pieces and want to jazz it up a bit. Either way, sitting down for a few minutes to think about your vibe would be a good idea at this stage. I know, I know. One more thing to do. You will be happy you did it later on vs. just going with whatever as a decorating strategy.

Maybe you are not used to furnishing a whole house. That's OK. With a little planning you can do this. The key is to think about each separate room on its own. Once you have an idea, you can think of little ways to tie the whole thing together.

For your living space/dining area, you could start by identifying which style you are most attracted to. Here are 9 types of decorating styles.

Take a mental note of which ones appeal to you and your new condo space: 

1) Coastal/Nautical 
coastal decorating

2) Eclectic
eclectic decorating

3) Shabby Chic
shabby chic

4) Traditional
traditional decorating

5) Scandinavian
scandinavian decorating

6) Bohemian
bohemian decorating

7) Farmhouse
farmhouse decorating

8) Mid-Century Modern
mid-century modern decorating

9) Urban Modern
urban modern decorating

Anything jump out at you? Let's talk strategy. Maybe you want to get a few anchoring pieces and design around it. For example, if a non negotiable is you need to have a dark-colored durable couch to withstand children, maybe you could start by reviewing some different couch options and identify the style that appeals to you most. Then draw your inspiration from one style and pick some decor pieces (like pillows, room accents, and rugs) to draw the elements of that style into your room. The sky is the limit! Just use your imagination.

So for example you might go with this Versa Sectional in Brown and build your room around the sofa. Since this sofa is modern and sleek you might decide to add more elements in the urban modern, mid-century modern, or Scandinavian styles. You could pick this durable Sassy Wood and Glass Box to go on your coffee table and this Haitian Acrylic Painting on Canvas to add some color to your walls.

If you decided to go the coastal/nautical route, you could add some room accents to your entryway or surfaces in your living space like the Classy Styled Glass Stopper Bottle or the Ceramic Seahorse Figurine. Add some nautical-themed pillows to your neutral comfy cushy couch and you are on your way to coastal decorating bliss!

We at Home Hoopla wish you luck on your exciting decorating adventure. Owning a home is the dream of a lifetime for many people, and decorating a condo can be fun. Explore your decorating personality, take some risks, and browse through the collections to get some ideas. Equipped with the 9 decorating styles, you can't go wrong.


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