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Fair Trade home decor – good for the home & heart

fair trade

Do you believe that producers of food, clothing, and crafts in developing countries should be paid a fair wage?

Are you looking for authentic and eclectic art, utensils, fashion, and accessories from around the world, but would prefer they arrive at your doorstep?

If the answer to both of these questions is yes, Home Hoopla’s Fair Trade collection is a great place to start. You can check out our curated picks, updated regularly, here.

Home Hoopla is a niche home décor startup with a catalog of select items that are primarily American-made and Fair Trade-certified. We offer unique, quirky, and eclectic home décor items such as furniture, utensils, bar items, and other accessories through our partnerships with wholesalers such as Global Crafts, one of our fair trade suppliers, who ships over 2,000 handmade and high-quality products to US stores.

In stock at Home Hoopla are a variety of practical yet artistic items, such as this Mango Encantada bowl.

This piece is very functional and perfect for everyday use, as it is lead-free, as well as microwave and dishwasher safe, but it also has strong decorative value. Made in Guanajuato, Mexico, at a small family-owned ceramics workshop in business since the 1970s, it was designed and hand-painted by women artisans.

If you’re in the market for stationery, perhaps you’ll be interested in this embossed leather journal.

This 6-inch by 4-inch leather journal features owl imprints on the front and back, and the 72 pages inside the journal are made with cotton (no trees were harmed in its production). The brand, MATR BOOMIE, is an Indian fair trade collection whose products marry modern design and traditional art form. BOOMIE has empowered women and minorities by employing over 20,000 artisans in 40 communities throughout India.

If you are searching for traditional art for your living room or bedroom, perhaps this piece, Fine Tree of Life, will appeal to you. Forged in Port-Au-Prince, Haiti, it was produced through a painstaking process using sheets of metal, and is 20 inches in diameter. Also in stock is this handmade Beaded Mallard Duck, produced at an arts co-op in South Africa.

We also have some stunning Fair Trade fashion accessories, such as these gold Rectangle Cubist Earrings, which you can pair with this Green & Blue Glass Charm Necklace, or this Six Band Silver Cuff. All three of these items come courtesy of WorldFinds, a fair trade partner and member of the Fair Trade Federation. WorldFinds works with artisan groups in India, Indonesia, and Nepal, to bring you the best in ethical fashion. Through their business practices, they have been able to hire more women artisans, and improve educational programs in these countries, sending more girls to school and expanding healthcare programs.

We hope that you’ve found this brief guide to Home Hoopla’s Fair Trade picks useful. Remember, we will be updating our catalog regularly so please check back with us for new items. You can also follow us on Twitter, Facebook, or Pinterest.

Our mission is to make stylish and rare home décor more accessible for busy, sophisticated shoppers such as you, while also cultivating our brand as socially aware. As consumers, it is our responsibility to be conscious of how the business practices of companies we support can benefit or harm individuals and communities. We hope you choose to support us in our endeavors, and of course, that you will shop with us!

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