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5 gorgeous living room looks we love

living room

We've been surfing Pinterest all evening and discovered 5 eclectic living spaces we are loving and want to share. Each one of them has a different feel. The first living room space we love is from Planete Deco, a French blog showing different parts of the house with fresh-looking decor.

planete deco

With the plush gradient pillows and the colorful hanging wall art, this space feels vibrant and well put together as a whole. The geometric rug warms up the space particularly playing off the white walls and window fixtures. A round vase contrasts with the square fireplace, rug, and couch cushions. The artwork over the floor lamp draws the eye upward and offsets the wall with the fireplace and wall art. We love the see-through coffee table, and we recommend this kind of vase to set on top of it, maybe even keeping a few flowers there.

The next gorgeous living space we are loving right now is this industrial-looking space from Harpers Bazaar featuring a lovely coffee table arrangement of books and vase.

harpers bazaar lving room


We just like the way this space feels. The geometric elements in the rug contrast with the square shapes in the windows, and the gold and tan colors of the furniture warm the space up a bit. The open-faced clock feels totally industrial, while the leopard print pillow adds just the right amount of whimsy. Loving the red accents in the artwork.

This next look we wanted to share with you is this this prim and proper living room that looks like it is straight out of a legit suburban home. There are a few adorable touches that melt our hearts - like the fresh flowers and the personalized portrait hanging on the wall. Loving the chandelier as well. Every detail is so true to this theme.

surburban living room

Another way to go would be following a hobby or interest in your decorating theme, and that is exactly what this next look from Apartment Therapy does with music as a decorating scheme in this living area.

musical living area

The shelving unit next to the end table is positioned in the ideal space to both have access to and showcase a small record collection with a semi-portable record player sitting atop the unit. This allows for easy access to the music from the seating area nearby. The rolled pillow armrest on the couch makes the space feel a bit retro and also formal, while the pillows pull together the color palette. And of course there's the hanging guitar on the wall mount for spontaneous playing.

nest together

This last look from Nest Together has a cozy western theme set around a solid black couch and a statement landscape piece of wall art. The western-style throw blankets make this living room look even more inviting next to the triangle-patterned pillows. Notice the plant on the wooden coffee table, and remember the importance of greenery!

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