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The importance of greenery in your home

greenery plants

Plants create a comfortable mood.

As a design elements, plants can add that extra "oomph" to your room, bringing in the beauty of nature to your space. They help create a pleasant and attractive environment, and can add a level of interest in terms of color and shape. Since plants also reduce noise, they also help create a quiet atmosphere which makes for guests to feel more comfortable and residents to feel completely at home.

bohemian living room plants

They detox your air.

Indoor pollution can be prevalent in your area, and sometimes even at higher levels than outdoors. Plants clean the air via their natural process of absorbing carbon dioxide and giving off oxygen. They can also leave you less susceptible to colds by increasing humidity levels and decreasing dust in your home. Some great indoor house plants include: spider plants, palms, the rubber plant, ferns and ficus. 

bohemian decor plants

Plants reduce stress.

Having plants around improves your sense of well-being and helps you feel calm and relaxed. According to science, stress levels actually go down when you are in a room full of plants. Surrounding yourself with plants has many physical and mental health benefits. Plants are good for your home and your health!

skull planter

They can help you concentrate.

It is a known fact that people with plants and flowers in their work space concentrate better, make fewer mistakes and even get sick less often. During warm temperatures, plants can help reduce temperatures, keeping your space cooler while also reducing background noise. Plants are great for students or in a home office.

workspace greens

The natural environment is where many people go to feel at ease, so bringing greenery into your space just makes sense.

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